We are committed to

Quality, Reliability, Sustainability and Innovation.

Our promise

In our work we are committed to our promise of Quality, Reliability, Sustainability and Innovation.

To us this means providing the highest quality pharmaceutical services. It means our word counts and you can rely on us. It means we communicate transparently. It means we want to become better and do better. It means that we understand that a clean environment is a perquisite for healthy lives. It means we will make conscious and careful use of our worlds scarce resources and apply responsible manufacturing practices that will allow future generations to enjoy healthy lives on this beautiful planet too.

This is our way of doing business and our small contribution to make this world a slightly brighter place.

Responsible Manufacturing

To us responsible manufacturing means that we seek to make the best medicine we can for our customers and patients and to supply them on time, every time when needed. This requires responsible manufacturing from us, but also from our supplier base.

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Responsible Research​

Responsible research to us means diligence and uncompromising quality throughout all processes. Paired with our ethics code, this ensures compliant research and quality results you can trust.

Responsible People​

At InnoGenerics we want to do well by doing good. That also means that we consider all the people we work with partners in our joint mission to make the best medicine we can for patients in need.
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