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Analytical Services

From Batch release to stability studies.
We got you covered.

We offer batch-release, stability testing and reporting, storage, and support in optimising production methods or processes. We support you with a wide range of analytical services and can ensure compliant release of your material.

Our team of pharmaceutical and technical professionals supports you with physical, chemical, and instrumental analyses of medicine, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and excipients.

We offer services in the field of batch-release, stability testing and reporting, storage, and support in optimizing production methods or processes.

Analytical Services include:

  • EU batch release, stability studies, substance and FDF testing
  • High capacity laboratory with 15 (U)HPLC‘s with UV/RI
  • Various dissolution systems with/without UV and Ph, UV/VIS, FTIR, etc., all equipment for testing
  • Climate chambers to cover all stability requirements

Other services

White round medicine tablets being inserted into white plastic blister packaging

Packaging Services

Our team of packaging experts supports you with primary packaging, such as blisters and bottles, secondary packaging, and tertiary packaging. We offer cartooning options and various labelling, printing and codification solutions.

Tableting machine in a clean room

Manufacturing Services

Our team of manufacturing, packaging and technology experts support you with flexible solutions for small and large-scale manufacturing and packaging of solid oral medicine, including slow release.

Female researcher with white hair looking into microscope

Development & Research Services

Our teams of development experts and project managers support you with research and drug development along the entire product cycle from discovery, analytical services to scale up and production.