We are committed to

Delivering high quality services and patient value.

Our pharmaceutical services

You can rely on us as your partner to deliver high quality medicines and services. Our team shares a passion for quality, reliability, sustainability and innovation.

Our laboratory and manufacturing infrastructure offers a wide range of flexible, large and small scale solutions in the field of:

  • Manufacturing Services
  • Packaging Services
  • Analytical Services
  • Research & Development Services

We are located at the Leiden Bio Science Park in the Netherlands. Our goal of continuous improvement and innovation is driven by our cooperation with many partners that meet here, including the Leiden University Medical University Center (LUMC) and the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO).

From just a few thousands to billions of tablets. We make the right pills for you.

We offer flexible tableting capacities with speeds up to 280 000 tablets per hour and an annual manufacturing capacity of 3 billion tablets. Our film-coating technology can handle volumes up to 900 million tablets per year, depending on core size.

We also have a controlled drug license to handle opiates.

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From large to small scale packaging.
We got the right box for you.

Starting at just 20,000 tablet and up to 3 billion annually, we offer primary packaging, secondary packaging and tertiary packaging for solid oral dosage forms on bottle and blister lines with flexible blister dimensions.

All our packaging lines offer serialization via TraceLink.

From Batch release to stability studies.
We got you covered.

In our high capacity laboratory we offer batch-release, stability testing and reporting, storage, and support in optimising production methods or processes.

We support you with a wide range of analytical services and can ensure compliant release of your material as well as stability testing in climate chambers.

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From R&D to scale up and production. We'll make sure it's a smooth ride.

We offer development services, validate analytical methods to support raw material testing, drug product characterisation, ICH stability testing and more.

Our experienced and enthusiastic R&D team is supported by a dedicated Project Management Office.

We also offer R&D scale presses for faster tech transfer and formulation upscaling and a network of partner labs and academic centers.