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Manufacturing Services

From just a few thousands to billions of tablets. We make the right pills for you.

We are experts in tableting processes. have an annual capacity of up to 3 billion tablets per year. Our flexible work stations can handle batch sizes from just 2,000 to 1.2 million tablets. We also have a controlled drug license to handle opioids.
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Our team of manufacturing and technology experts support you with flexible solutions for small and large-scale manufacturing of solid oral medicine, including slow release.

Wij bieden solide loonfabricage services voor kwalitatief hoogwaardige medicijnen, betrouwbare levering en flexibele capaciteit.

What we offer and build on:

  • Experts in tableting processes
  • Annual capacity of 3 billion tablets
  • Flexible tableting capacity with speeds up to 280 000 tablets per hour
  • Film-coating technology
  • Controlled drug license (opioids)
  • Extensive expertise in planning, manufacturing, formulation, packaging and analytical testing
  • Experience in manufacturing and packaging solid oral medicine, including slow release and opioids
  • Technologies and processes to ensure right quality, proper efficiency and reliable performance at all process stages.

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Analytical Services

Ons team van farmaceutisch experts en laboranten doet alles om u te helpen met het analyseren (physical, chemical of instrumental) van medicijnen, actieve ingredienten of hulpstoffen.

White round medicine tablets being inserted into white plastic blister packaging

Packaging Services

Ons team van verpakkingsexperts ondersteunt u met primaire verpakkingen, zoals blisters en flesjes, secundaire verpakkingen en tertiaire verpakkingen. We bieden verpakkingen en verschillende label-, print- en coderingsoplossingen.

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Development & Research Services

Onze teams van ontwikkelingsexperts en projectmanagers ondersteunen u met onderzoek en geneesmiddelenontwikkeling gedurende de hele productcyclus, van ontdekking, analytische diensten tot opschaling en productie.