We are committed to

Doing everything to help patients feel stronger and get better.

Our Goal

We are on a mission to improve availability, reliability and sustainability of generic medicines. Located at the Leiden Bio Science Park, the Netherlands, we drive innovation in the generics industry together with our partners.

In our work, we are committed to meeting the evolving needs of our clients by using our experience and expertise to always deliver the best possible services.

We drive innovation in the generics industry​

to become better, more reliable and more sustainable.​


We all wish to enjoy healthy lives. Sometimes, illness interferes with our ambition.

This is where our work can make a difference: Our purpose is to help patients feel stronger and get better.

We do this by delivering high-quality medicines and services: reliable, sustainable and affordable.

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We are convinced that innovation is the key to become better and do better. Through innovation we can solve many of today’s healthcare challenges.

Knowledge preservation and maintaining production of generic medicine in the European Union is vital for this.

We engage with stakeholders and partners to drive innovation in the generics industry. Our location at the Leiden Bio Science Park, the Netherlands is ideal for this.

We actively pioneer new tableting technologies. For this we also support Dutch academia, knowledge centres and other stakeholders in knowledge building and preservation.

Our Clinic

Our Clinic is a chance for students and interested people to learn more about the pharmaceutical industry. During the half day program you will learn more about the pharmaceutical industry and the laws that govern it. You will see how GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) works in practice and what information is needed to register a new drug.

The clinic concludes with a tour of our factory, warehouse and laboratory, which gives you a good idea of how our medicines are made according to GMP guidelines.

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